BIOGRAPHY: Elin Torset Biografi på norsk

From the tender age of eight, Elin Torset has been turning heads every time she opens her mouth.

With a voice that has prompted critics to name her a “coming star,” Elin won competitions and spent years honing her vocal abilities. So it really shouldn’t have come as a surprise when she placed second in the qualifiers for the 2001 Eurovision Song Contest in her native Norway. But what really was amazing is that she achieved this feat by performing a song that was the very first she had written. Ever.

The song, entitled "Brighter than Light," gave her professional career a tremendous boost. She was widely praised not only for the song but for her performance of it. “Elin Torset can save Norway’s Grand Prix honour” stated one national publication, which went on to say that “Elin Torset is Norway’s biggest hope.” A nail-biting finish led to Elin taking the number two spot (leading one of Norways national newspapers to say: “She didn’t win the Grand Prix…, but she should certainly have done so.”) But by then Elin was on to bigger and better things, having decided to take her new-found songwriting abilities out for a spin and see how far she could go.

Blueberry Bliss is Elin’s first release as both a vocalist and songwriter. Described as a “striking debut” by critics, the EP is beautiful, well-crafted proof that we have barely scratched the surface of Elin’s talent and potential. But it’s not only the critics and fans that say so, as the title track from the EP received nationwide radio play that still continues to this day. Which makes sense when one learns that music is the multi-linguist Ms. Torset’s most important form of communication.

“Music has always meant so much to me,” says Elin. “There is a song for every mood, and music can reinforce emotions to give joy or comfort. I believe in writing songs that have a good story and a simple, strong melody – something that people can sing along with. People need that in their lives,” she adds.

Elin’s strong, singable melodies are given great support by the experienced musicians who worked with her to create Blueberry Bliss. They include the EP’s producers Leif Johansen (former bassist and programmer for A-ha) and Pete Abbott (former drummer with the Average White Band and Tom Jones’ band). Guitarist Ørjan Liavåg has been Elin's closest collaborator since the Eurovision competition. In addition, guitarists Georg Wadenius and Brian Monroney contribute their talents, as well. The former has played with Steely Dan and Blood, Sweat and Tears, as well as with many other household names, and Monroney has been Tom Jones' musical director for the past 10 years.

With all this powerhouse talent – not to mention Elin’s beautiful vocals – it’s no wonder that Blueberry Bliss is a treat to listen to. Whimsical and lyrical, yet strong and powerful, Elin Torset’s music strikes a balance that is sorely needed in these troubled times. Unlike many of today’s jaded artists, Elin is not afraid to be happy, to be sad or to believe in better times – and to express that in her work. “If I can reach people with my songs – if I can touch someone and give them an experience of any kind, it’s very rewarding.”